Topographical catchment areas of Swiss waterbodies 2km2 (Federal Office for the Environment FOEN)
GEWISS Watershed-MQ TooI
Name of the water body -
Number of the river CH0134420000
Basin outlet point 700189.0 / 263445.0
Commune at basin outlet point Winterthur
GEWISS number 13442
Name of river basin 10
Watershed and landuse
Total watershed area [km2] 2.29
Percentage CH of the total watershed area 100.0
Landuse CH [%]
Forests and shrubs 28.1
Agricultural areas 59.6
Open spaces with little or no vegetation -
Lakes and rivers -
Glaciers and perpetual snow -
Artificial surfaces 12.3
Watershed altitude [m]
Min altitude 453
Max altitude 582
Mean altitude 486
Simulated mean run-off (cf. criteria in the onlinehelp) [m3/s]
No modelled discharge values are provided for this total catchment area (very small / very large - see online help for criteria)
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