Topographical catchment areas of Swiss waterbodies 2km2 (Federal Office for the Environment FOEN)
GEWISS Watershed-MQ TooI
Name of the water body Ava da Tuors
Number of the river CH0003660000
Basin outlet point 776261.0 / 167031.0
Commune at basin outlet point Berg√ľn/Bravuogn
GEWISS number 366
Name of river basin 10
Watershed and landuse
Total watershed area [km2] 56.82
Percentage CH of the total watershed area 100.0
Landuse CH [%]
Forests and shrubs 12.9
Agricultural areas 26.0
Open spaces with little or no vegetation 53.0
Lakes and rivers 1.0
Glaciers and perpetual snow 6.4
Artificial surfaces 0.7
Watershed altitude [m]
Min altitude 1328
Max altitude 3406
Mean altitude 2377
Simulated mean run-off (cf. criteria in the onlinehelp) [m3/s]
Flow regime type b-glacio-nival
January 0.43
February 0.4
March 0.45
April 1.07
May 3.58
June 5.96
July 4.89
August 3.46
September 2.32
October 1.47
November 0.99
December 0.59
Mean annual runoff 2.15
Annual runoff variability 15
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