Protection of cultural property inventory with objects of national importance (Federal Office for Civil Protection)
Name Egelsee, prähistorische Seeufersiedlung
Category A
Type of object Archäologische Objekte / Neolithikum
PCP ref. no 5125
Municipality (Former municipality) Gachnang
Coordinates 2707126 / 1268400
Object information:
Further information Teil des Welterbe-Objekts prähistorische Pfahlbauten um die Alpen
Further information
Further information
CH-TG-04, Gachnang-Niederwil–Egelsee: Excellently preserved site with several Late Pfyn Culture phases with almost all the features still below ground. Numerous crucibles for melting copper point to an early phase of copper processing. A sequence of well-preserved house floors on top of each other provides particularly interesting information about the architecture of the houses. In chronological terms, the site complements the finds and features from the earlier site at Thayngen–Weier I–III (CH-SH-01) and the as yet little-researched Pfyn period layers from Hüttwilen–Nussbaumersee (CH-TG-05) to form a sequence of 300 years with dendrochronological dates and hardly any gaps, based on which the development of the Pfyn Culture can be traced (Quelle: